Herzlich Willkommen in deinem zweiten Wohnzimmer

Lass und Freunde bleiben,

 - the Bahnstadt Bistro - modern and comfy. 

Mi casa es tu casa- welcome to your second living room! 

Coffee and Cake? Some savoury snacks? A hot meal? Or maybe just a couple of drinks with your friends? We’ve got it sorted. 

We’re all about getting the simple pleasures in life just right. 

Some wholesome comfort food made with a whole lot of love. A caffeine fix to get cracking or stick around for lunch or dinner. 

Your wellbeing is our priority. 

Our Products 

We’re about good quality and fresh products- from our region! It’s very important for us to know where our products are from and under what conditions they have been made. Our Coffee beans are roasted and ground in the heart of Heidelberg, our cakes are all selfmade! 

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Our Ambience 

...it's unique. With the help of our Designer we have managed to create a colorful, modern environment that should make you feel right at home!

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